British Hypertension Society Endorsement of Scientific Meetings

The British Hypertension Society has a policy to cover requests for endorsement of scientific meetings organised by outside agencies:

  • In order for the BHS to endorse a meeting not wholly organised or initiated by itself, the BHS Executive Committee must be actively involved in planning the scientific programme and selecting speakers etc.
  • The BHS does not normally endorse meetings whose primary focus is unconnected to hypertension.
  • A request for endorsement should be sent to the BHS Secretary (contact details can be found under About Us) in the initial stages of the planning in order to comply with the above.
  • The involvement of a BHS member either as a speaker or chair at the meeting is not sufficient to claim BHS endorsement.
  • The Society's name and logo must not be used to promote the meeting in any way until express permission and agreement has been granted by the President, Vice-President or Secretary on behalf of the BHS Executive Committee. This includes invitations to other societies and/or agencies to participate in the event.
  • A decision by the Society to endorse or support a meeting does not necessarily imply any financial obligations on behalf of the BHS.

For further information, please contact:

BHS Meetings Secretariat
In Conference Ltd
Tel: 0131 336 4203