BHS DVD on BP Measurement

The British Hypertension Society's Blood Pressure Measurement educational video (2007) and supporting materials are now available to download.

The video includes the following:

  • Validated Machines
  • Children
  • Home Measurement
  • Manual Methods
  • Healthcare Professionals 24 hour Monitoring
  • Cuff Size
  • Pregnancy

Click here to download the DVD

 Updated Supporting Information:

ABC of Hypertension: 

The papers in this section were published in the BMJ in 2001. Please see current guidelines for normal/abnormal levels on which to base treatment decisions.


Interactive Tutorials on Auscultatory BP Measurement:

Tutorial instructions
The video clips below show a mercury column whilst a BP measurement is being taken. You will need sound enabled on your computer. Watch the mercury column, listen to the Korotkoff sounds and make a note of the blood pressure you would record. Answers can be found in the pdf document below.  There is no BP9 or BP13 reading.

                   Video clips